Course curriculum

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    Hairline Pop Placement

    • Erin McKay Preview

    • Hairline Pop Placement Part 1

    • Hairline Pop Placement Part 2

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    • Milbon Virtual Academy Survey


Instructor Bio:

Erin McKay is a global stylist and has been based in Los Angeles for over a decade. As a color specialist she draws inspiration from her surrounding, being from Southern California, her specialty is emulating the soft effect that sun has on hair and skin. Whether it’s high fashion forward tones or semiannual color, Erin is able to create unique results that enhance her clients’ confidence and beauty.
As a stylist, nothing escapes her eye. While using in the client’s hair texture, facial features, bone structure and lifestyle as her guide, Erin applies her techniques to achieve the perfect length and shape. She uses a dry-cutting method in which the styling process and final outcome are guided by the client’s unique attributes. The end result is a style that is precise and personalized.
Erin’s creative passion led her intuitively to the hair industry where she has crafted her own aesthetic working alongside the industry’s elite. She has had the pleasure of working with Renée Zellweger, Katy Perry, Chloe Bridges, and Julianne Hough and many other celebrities, models and influencers. In addition to working with the stars and influential figures of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Erin has the gift of finding a genuine and personal connection with all of her clients and giving each and every one her full attention.

Erin McKay